About Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a quick, powerful way to focus your concentration and attention and help you to overcome personal obstacles, achieve your goals, and empower yourself to move forward.

Hypnosis works with:


  • Overweight people wanting to slim down and get healthier

  • Athletes for motivation, confidence, peak performance and success

  • Children and teens to enhance academic performance

  • Sales people for reaching goals and motivation   

  • Individuals to eliminate fears and anxiety

  • Smokers to give up cigarettes

  • and just about every situation a person might struggle with


​Some people are a bit hesitant to try hypnosis because they're not sure it will work.  Let me tell  you about some well-known people who've used

hypnosis and achieved amazing results!

  • Fergie (singer) used hypnosis to stop overeating and lose weight.

  • Cory Everson (female bodybuilder) won the Miss Olympia over six times. She uses mind power and hypnosis to shape her physique.

  • Tiger Woods (golfer) has used powerful self-hypnosis techniques since his early teens.

  • Adele (singer), Ashton Kutcher (actor) and Ben Affleck (actor) have all quit smoking with hypnosis.

  • Bruce Willis (actor) overcame stuttering with the help of hypnosis.

  • Jack Nicklaus (golfer) claims hypnosis and visualization techniques helped him improve his concentration.

  • Jessica Alba (actress) used hypno-birthing to manage pain during labor.

  • In baseball Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Maury Wills, Don Sutton and Mark McGuire all report using hypnosis to prepare for games.

  • Olivia Munn (actress) used hypnosis to overcome OCD and increase motivation for exercising.

All of these people used hypnosis to get powerful results - you can do the same!

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