Getting Serious About Weight Loss!

Hi Everyone - our Trial Run is off to a great start. Weight Loss Warriors is the tentative name we've given this program - we're waiting for approval from the Trademark Office to make it official. If they deny our application we have a back up name ready. We'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Weight loss can be tricky - because we eat for everything! Stress, boredom, happiness, celebrations, anxiety, etc., etc. Food and eating are woven throughout the fabric of our lives and those patterns and habits can be very difficult to change. But it is possible.

The problem for a lot of us is that those habits are almost completely automatic so we're often not even aware of them. I call them our "default habits". They can be changed, but it takes work and awareness.

The example I give is one many of you have experienced. You're driving your normal route to work and suddenly see signs and lots of construction equipment. The road is being worked on and will be closed for several months. So you need to find a new way to work.

Odds are, you grumble some because your routine has been thrown off.

But after some experimentation, you round a new route. However, in the first few weeks if you're not mindful of where you're driving, what do you do? You automatically start driving the old route.

Then you smack yourself on the forehead, back up, and go the new way. But after a couple times of doing this, the new route becomes automatic and you can go back to driving without paying attention. In psychological terms we call it, "establishing a new normal".

We all do this, all the time.

So remind yourself that change is possible - it's just going to take some paying attention to what you're doing at first. But what you'll find is that those new, healthier choices you're making are helping you feel better - stronger, more confident and in control and pleased with yourself. So it gets much easier as you go.You can do this - one step at a time!


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