Weight Loss Warrior

Weight Loss Warriors

As hypnotists we deal with people wanting and needing to make changes – a lot!  One of the most common desired changes is to lose weight.


Weight loss can be tough – we get it and we’ve both dealt with it.  This is one of the reasons we designed our new weight loss program, Weight Loss Warriors. We want to help people out by making weight loss easier.


Most overweight people became that way because of their thoughts – also called their self-talk.  If your default response to stress is to reach for a sugary, carb-loaded snack, you’ve probably spent years telling your brain that sugar and carbs make you feel better. 


So a great tool for achieving weight loss is changing your self-talk.  That can be tricky to do on your own because default thoughts are really powerful.  Hypnosis is an easy, painless, successful way to replace old, toxic thoughts with new, empowering, healthy ones – and to get awesome results!


We’ve designed a new, user-friendly, completely online system for weight loss called Weight Loss Warriors.  It’s an 8 week program that gives you amazing, effective and powerful tools to enable you to lose all the weight you want.  Every week participants will receive:


  • An email with a new weight loss or exercise topic.

  • A new set of Thought Optimizers (to help you change your mindset and develop mental toughness in eating and exercising).

  • A Facebook Live event to participate in or listen to later.

  • A link to a hypnosis session to listen to regularly.


There is also a private Facebook group that Weight Loss Warriors participants will be invited to join where they can get questions answered and connect with other members.


If you’re tired of:


  • Tight clothes that don’t fit

  • Feeling out of shape

  • Not liking what you see in the mirror

  • Getting out of breath after minimal exertion


you need to check out our program.  It's never too late to make healthy changes - hypnosis makes weight loss easier, faster and more powerful!

We have 2 versions of this program - Weight Loss Warriors and Weight Loss Warriors Faith Based.  Both are amazing tools for change and the Faith Based version is filled with God's promises to help you use his power to transform your life - and body!


If these programs were done in our offices the cost would be $1599 for each one.  However, the online versions are only $199 each.

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